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European Citizens’ Initiative Week

In January 2020, the new rules on the European citizens’ initiative started to apply, making it easier for EU citizens to call upon the European Commission to propose legislation in areas that matter to them and where the Union has the power to act. Since the beginning of the year, the Commission has received two initiatives that successfully gathered the support of over 1 million EU citizens, while others are still collecting and expected to be submitted soon.

Dear National Contact Point!

A happy new year to all NCP's around the globe! Our new year's resolution is to keep you better informed on Horizon 2020 and the upcoming Horizon Europe. What about starting with our E-Learning tool. If you like to recap 2019 a bit, read how NCP’s from all around the world got connected at the Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event in Bratislava.

Dear National Contact Point!

Do you wish to network directly with European NCP Projects?
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It is the first of ten newsflashes that will provide you with networking opportunities and practical advice for your daily work as a NCP within the Horizon 2020 and the future Horizon Europe Programmes in the upcoming 18 months.

Dear National Contact Point!

Staying on top of all aspects of participation in Horizon 2020 can be tough. And the challenges of guiding researchers from various thematic areas, industries and countries through Horizon 2020 can turn out very differently.

We have created this newsletter for you to help you find materials, webinars and networking events that can make your work as NCP easier.