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Horizon Europe Marine & Maritime Brokerage event

The Enterprise Europe Network in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, Invest N.Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland's National Contract Points (NCPs) invites you to participate in an international partnering event on Horizon Europe's Marine calls

This is a FREE one-day virtual event that will introduce the Marine calls for proposals for the next two years, present insights and expectations from the European Commission whilst offering a unique international networking experience to forge the winning partnerships of the future.

Exploitation, Dissemination, Communication and DMP at Horizon Europe proposal stage.

This training provides information on exploitation, dissemination and communication provisions, plans and practices at Horizon Europe proposals. This training provides also information on Data Management Plan (DMP) in Horizon Europe actions.


  • Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement requirements concerning results
  • Maximise the project impact - Dissemination, exploitation and communication plans
  • A data management plan as an integral part of responsible research

Meet and Exchange Workshop: International Cooperation in Horizon 2020 Legal and Aspects

Horizon 2020 provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experience and facilities across Europe and beyond. Apart from the financial benefits, it offers the chance for researchers worldwide to participate in ambitious research and innovation projects, improve the international network, create new business opportunities and increase the visibility. It provides an opportunity to tackle global societal challenges together.

Energy Infrastructure Forum 2020

The annual Energy Infrastructure Forum is organised by the European Commission and gathers representatives of the EU institutions, transmission system operators, project promoters, regulators, energy companies, NGOs and civil society and the financing community who meet to discuss the challenges of developing Europe’s energy infrastructure and building an internal energy market.

European Partnerships – state of play end next steps towards their launch

A renewed policy approach for European Partnerships will be part of Horizon Europe. A substantial part of the available budget for Horizon Europe will be implemented by European Partnerships. Thus, this topic is highly relevant for National Contact Points. This webinar will give you some insight into the new approach for European Partnerships tackling the 3 types of partnerships, financing modes, the current discussion and future implementationsteps.

Webinar on demand: Best practice examples on how to use the Horizon Dashboard

Goal of this webinar will be to practice statistical data analyses with the Horizon dashboard starting from concrete business questions. NCPs should then be able to convey important Horizon dashboard tools to the community itself. As a prerequisite please make sure you have followed the introductory webinar “Horizon Dashboard: Key features”. This webinar is also aimed at NCPs who unfortunately could not register for the webinar on 28 May 2020.