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Citizens’ Energy Forum 2020

The Citizens' Energy Forum was established in 2008, and meets annually to explore consumers' perspective and role in the EU energy market towards achieving the clean energy transition. It directly feeds into the work of the European Commission in the energy and consumer policy areas. As last year, the event is being organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator.

European Citizens’ Initiative Week

In January 2020, the new rules on the European citizens’ initiative started to apply, making it easier for EU citizens to call upon the European Commission to propose legislation in areas that matter to them and where the Union has the power to act. Since the beginning of the year, the Commission has received two initiatives that successfully gathered the support of over 1 million EU citizens, while others are still collecting and expected to be submitted soon.

MEDICA Healthcare Brokerage Event

On the occasion of MEDICA 2020 fair, the global No. 1 meeting place for the medical sector, ZENIT GmbH together with the Healthcare Sector Group of the Enterprise Europe Network will organise the international Brokerage Event. The aim is to assist enterprises, universities and research institutions in finding partners in Europe for business cooperation, product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements, joint ventures or other types of partnership.

IFIB 2020 International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy

Lazio Innova, as partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, is organising, together with Innovhub-SSI, Assobiotec - the Italian Association for the development of biotechnology - and Regione Lazio the 10th edition of IFIB - International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy - aimed at strengthening the bioeconomy network in the Euro-Mediterranean area and to promote partnerships. The focus of the Forum is biotechnology, as a provider of new resources for industries.

European Partnerships – state of play end next steps towards their launch

A renewed policy approach for European Partnerships will be part of Horizon Europe. A substantial part of the available budget for Horizon Europe will be implemented by European Partnerships. Thus, this topic is highly relevant for National Contact Points. This webinar will give you some insight into the new approach for European Partnerships tackling the 3 types of partnerships, financing modes, the current discussion and future implementationsteps.

Webinar on demand: Best practice examples on how to use the Horizon Dashboard

Goal of this webinar will be to practice statistical data analyses with the Horizon dashboard starting from concrete business questions. NCPs should then be able to convey important Horizon dashboard tools to the community itself. As a prerequisite please make sure you have followed the introductory webinar “Horizon Dashboard: Key features”. This webinar is also aimed at NCPs who unfortunately could not register for the webinar on 28 May 2020.

Webinar: The revamped Horizon Results Platform

The webinar will give you an overview of the platform's ability to make project results visible. The main features and novelties of the platform will be presented. NCPs should then be able to communicate the possibilities of using the results platform in their communities. If you are interested to participate in this webinar or if you would like to learn more about the results platform, a recording from the NCPs CaRE provides you with an in-depth presentation of the results platform.